Constitutionally speaking….

Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore our Constitution.   This fall I went to the Minnesota Educator’s Conference at the River Center over MEA weekend.  The ACLU always has a booth there and they always have pocket copies of the US Constitution.   Also included in the little book is a copy of the MN Constitution.  Thanks to the ACLU, I always have a copy handy.  Even usually one to hand out.

It’s why I’m excited about an email that I got today about the booth at MEA weekend; the lady who heads up the local chapter has a whole buncha good stuff available for your classrooms that’s FREE.   And she’s got a contest going.  I posted the whole thing here so you can read it at your leisure.

I already read my little constitution book regularly.  Do you?

Dear Educator:

It was great to meet you last month at the Teacher’s Convention. Sorry for the delay in getting this email to you, but I was waiting for a shipment of pocket-sized constitutions to arrive and they finally did! Please check out the list of our FREE resources below and let me know what you are interested in ordering.

There is currently a competition going on with $25,000 in prizes available for your school for creating a mural about the Bill of Rights The details are here: 

ž         Speaker for your classroom – if you live within one hour of the Twin Cities, Mankato or Bemidji we can provide a speaker to your classroom to talk about your rights as a student or other ACLU topics.

ž         Download and distribute our guide to privacy rights on social media sites such as facebook/twitter etc.  – It has lots of great information about what students rights are when they use those sites.

ž         Pocket-sized copies of the US & Minnesota Constitution

ž         Freedom Files DVDs

o   DVDS on topics such as Voting Rights & Immigrant Rights.  A full list of DVDs is available online

ž         Constitutional Rights CD

o   A CD that gives brief synopses of 50 famous legal cases such as Brown V Board of education

ž         Students Rights Newsletter

o   The ACLU has produced these newsletters that educate students about their rights in all different subject areas.  They are only a page long and can be handed out separately or altogether. They are all available for download online.

ž         Pocket-sized Know Your Rights Cards – What to do during police encounters

ž         Rights of Pregnant and Parenting Teens – a small brochure that educates pregnant and parenting teens about their rights in school.

ž         Sexual Health Rights of Minors Brochures – a brochure that educates minors about their rights if the are sexually active (i.e. can they buy birth control as a minor etc.)

ž         Also visit our new Constitution Day website which is full of great resources for teachers: – including a contest on the Wall of rights where you can win thousands of dollars for your school.

All of the resources are available at no cost to Minnesota Teachers. If you are interested in any of our resources please call Jana Kooren at 651-645-4097 ex. 123, or send an email to with the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your School information (Name, Address, Email & Phone number)
  3. What class(es) you teach and at what grade level
  4. The number of students in your class(es)


Jana Kooren

Public Education and Communications Director

American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota

2300 Myrtle Ave, Suite 180, St. Paul, MN 55114

” 651.645.4097 x123 ”



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